SC-0012 Green G15

SC-0012 Green G15

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Kleur: Groen G15
Colour :

Green G15

SKU: 2010102102

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SKU: 2010102101

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Yellow High contrast

SKU: 2010102104

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Flip-up model SC-0012

This classic sun clip has a functional bridge so that the clip can be easily folded up.
Thanks to the clamps with silicone covers, the clip remains firmly in place and the frame remains undamaged.
The polarized plastic TAC glasses offer protection against UV light thanks to the UV-400 filter.
These glasses reduce glare from sunlight on, for example, the water or on the road, which ensures a more comfortable view while driving, walking or cycling.
Thanks to the cuttable TAC lens, the sun clip is easy to customize.
The Flip-Up sun clips from IKY EYEWEAR are available in lens colors brown, green G15, and yellow high contrast.
Naturally comes with a handy microfiber cloth and a sporty case!