Trial lens set 260-piece anti-reflective glass light transmission 99%

Trial lens set 260-piece anti-reflective glass light transmission 99%

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Trial lens set 260-piece anti-reflective

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This trial lens set is a top product.

The trial lenses are multi-coated with a light transmission of no less than 99%.

The lenses are very accurate in both strength and axis positions. This allows you to work extremely accurately. The large diameter of the lenses gives your customer natural vision with a large field of view.

The matte silver metal mounts slide smoothly into the trial frame. They are engraved on 2 sides and can therefore be used on both sides.

The trial lens set consists of 260 multi-coated anti-reflective trial lenses plus 1 multi-coated anti-reflective cross cylinder +/-0.25.

The trial lens set is supplied in a dark red PU finished aluminum case with combination lock, a removable wooden tray with a black veltex-covered interior.



  • Multicoated anti-reflective lenses with a light transmission of 99%
  • Highly accurate lens powers and axis directions
  • Large field of view with a glass opening of 35 mm
  • Biconcave and Biconvex lenses
  • 38mm metal mount
  • Luxury removable tray finished with black veltex
  • Aluminum case with red PU finish
  • CE certification
  • 5 years warranty

Tray: Width 438mm* Length 310mm* Height 41mm
Case: Width 470mm*Length 370mm*Height100mm

*Weight: 6.8kg


Material: Aluminum and wood
Plus glasses: 39 pairs
Min glasses: 39 pairs
Plus cylinder: 20 pairs
Min cylinder: 20 pairs
Prism: 14 pieces
Accessories: 10 pieces